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What is Bokken?

The phrase Bokken Business Coaching derives from my experience as a kendo 1st dan and although my practising days are many years behind me, the lessons and most importantly the mindset I learned are ingrained upon me to this day!

I often hear a bokken being referred to as a “stick”. If your mindset is such that you pick up a bokken believing it to be a “stick”, then all you will ever be is a “stick wielder”

However, if you believe that the bokken you are picking up is a sword then you are at the starting post to becoming a swordsman. Which would you rather be?

This change in mindset is at the foundation of Bokken Business Coaching

Change your mindset … Focus your actions … Grow your business!

David is passionate about helping business owners identify and understand what growth means to their businesses so they can make the changes to drive that growth.

“Success is a moving target and we should always ask ourselves what ‘better’ might look like and how could we get there?”

David draws on his extensive experience stretching from a family restaurant, through technical sales & marketing and logistics management to international strategy within a multinational organisation. There, he considers one of his key achievements as having changed the business culture from being product and technology based to market focused, increasing turnover several-fold within the first three years.

In more recent years, he has concentrated on training and coaching

As a trainer, David has written and delivered workshops for businesses, both start-up and mature, covering a range of business issues; programs for people whose jobs are under threat of redundancy; and continues to offer bespoke training programs.

He has applied his coaching skills not only to businesses but also to career coaching managers under threat of redundancy; helping managers become coaches in the workplace; recruitment programs using competency based assessments.

David has a level 7 diploma in business coaching is also a fully-qualified SYSTEMS™ coach.

Perhaps most intriguing of all, David brings to all his interactions the experience, skills and mindset he developed from being a Kendo 1st dan swordsman – a passion for which he has never lost!

The bokken is a wooden training sword used primarily in the practice of Kata, a series of formalised movements and Kendo techniques performed between two swordsmen.

In practicing kata, the bokken does not come into contact with the body of the opposing swordsman but stops just short, in a very focussed technique.

It is not a “pretend sword” – there is nothing “pretend” about the pain you will feel if something goes wrong when practising kata; trust me, I have had the bruises!

It is also used in other martial arts such as aikido and karate and is often referred to as a “stick” but never by a kendo swordsmen and here is the key to Bokken Business Coaching!